Welcome to Walk in Woods Resorts

Arrive & Revive

Hear the birds bickering, breathe in the air with a distinct smell of the woods, feel the gentle bristles of the bushes as you walk , and see the brightest of colours , a sea of green around you with autumn leaves sprinkled on a dirt brown trail, feel icy streams trickle through your fingers. Experience life as mother nature intended it to be.

“Why are we different”

Most of us think of a sweaty hike when we think of a trip to the woods. The concept around which our nature resorts are themed primarily involves nature walks set at a much leisure pace - more focused to unwind and on fully experiencing the astounding nature in the surrounding areas. Unlike the so called ‘must do’ treks with templated itineraries racing through the predictable tourist maps which are the latest buzz among the city denizens, it isn’t about covering a set distance with grueling trek schedules or itineraries, It is more to do to rejuvenate and reconnect yourself and with your loved ones in the astounding natural surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of cities and crowded tourist destinations. The long wooded slopes, lazy outings, cool caressing breeze, warm and hospitable inhabitants, lovely weather and fabulous view of snow covered mountains makes it an ideal retreat for a relaxed holiday.

Our Locations